About Turkish

Turkish is a member of the Altaic-languages family, which includes Mongolian, Korean and Manchu-Tungus, spoken in Siberia and Manchuria. Turkish and other languages in this family add various suffixes to the end of words in order to create new words or to use a word in a sentence. So an idea that needs many words to be expressed in other languages can be expressed in Turkish by just one word. For example, the English sentence "You will be able to come" is expressed by the single word "Gelebileceksin" in Turkish.

This can seem strange and difficult to people when first learning Turkish. But don't be put off, once you have begun studying, you will discover that the things that seemed difficult at first are in fact part of an extremely regular, logical and understandable system. In fact you will see that the grammatical rules of Turkish have next to no exceptions and through the grammatical rules that you already know, this logical, mathematical system will make the things you have yet to learn much easier to understand.