Türkçe Atölyesi is a Turkish language school located in Asmalımescit, one of the most historical, accessible and lively areas of Istanbul's Beyoğlu district. This language school was established with the aim of offering foreigners the chance to learn Turkish, a language with a very different structure from most Western languages, in the best possible way.

Our main reason for setting up this language course was that we felt the need for a different method of teaching Turkish from those that have been used until now. We believe that the classes should be prepared with the mathematical structure of Turkish language in mind, making the most of the teaching of this mathematical language. During our classes and with our teaching system you will see that with very few grammatical rules you can create a great variety of meanings, and you will discover that every new grammatical rule that you learn is part of a very logical and understandable structure, something that will help you understand the Turkish language as a whole.

In order for us to our work as teachers, we aim to ensure that our students use their study time both in and out of class, an deven outside of our school, in the most enjoyable and productive way possible. Our Turkish language school is both spacious and homely and is in the ideal location for students in Istanbul to discover Turkish culture and soak up the magical atmosphere and cultural mosaic of the city, as they look out on Istanbul's historical peninsula and Beyoğlu's lively landscape.

You will be able to learn the Turkish language either in group classes (consisting of maximum 8 to 10 students), or private lessons, that can take place either in our school or your location.