We use a very modern approach to ensure the most productive learning during your time in our Turkish language school.

The methods used in our Turkish course are designed to improve students' understanding and speaking skills as quickly as possible. Every subject studied is introduced with brief and understandable grammatical explanations within Turkish language and is then followed by intensive oral practice in order to reinforce the subject at hand. Speaking practice is also supported as much as possible with visual materials in order to ensure students' comprehension and to prompt discussions. You will learn Turkish language through games and drama, learning as you go and enjoying yourself at the same time. In short, you will learn not through listening to your teacher and copying from the board but through conversations with your teacher and fellow students.

Furthermore, with the videos we have prepared specifically for our Turkish classes, you will see the grammatical constructions you have learnt being used in various ways in everyday life and, in activities based around these videos, you will improve your listening, understanding and speaking skills.

Also within our language courses, we cover written Turkish, and in the activities we do in class you will soon realise that the fact that Turkish is a phonetic language makes it much easier to write. Homework is given in order to reinforce the subjects that you have learnt that day or for general revision, but we aim to ensure that your time in our school is not used unnecessarily.

Homework is checked in the following lesson and any problems related to the topic are then addressed.


We are well aware that many out of class activities will provide support for much faster and more enjoyable learning of the language. This is why we would like to present you with some of the free activities that we organize outside of our usual Turkish lessons.

        Speaking Lessons

On arranged days, either before or after the usual classes, you can extend your Turkish language speaking and listening skills in our activity lessons intended only for speaking and communication.

         Film Days

You can enjoy your time with our film archive, consisting mostly from Turkish movies. After the film you can practice your Turkish language by speaking about its subject.

         Cooking Days

You can improve your listening and understanding skills accompanied with a wonderful lunch or dinner, by learning how to cook both the most delicious Turkish foods and the foods from the countries of your classmates.


Especially during spring and summer, you can attend enjoyable parties in our terrace with a magnificent view of Istanbul.

        The Tours in or out of Istanbul

With the tours that we organize both in and out of Istanbul, you will be acquainted with the city and you will able to practice Turkish language with people on the street in company with your teacher.